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    Cultivating Deep Friendships

    Recently, I attended an event for Christian men and was randomly paired with a group of men who, to my surprise, quickly jumped into deep water by sharing their hearts with what was essentially a group of strangers. It’s interesting that some men will dive right into the deep end while others will only dip their toes in the shallows with conversation on ACC basketball or who got voted off of the latest episode of Survivor. Most of what was shared centered on a feeling common among many men – they are lonely and struggle to cultivate deep friendships with other men. Talking about marital struggles or their heart’s desires can feel…

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    The Holy Spirit as the Wild Goose

    The reference to the Wild Goose in this blog is an ancient one, a Celtic term for the Spirit of God.  Christianity was thought to have taken root on the Scottish isle of Iona in the sixth century through the work of the Christian missionary named Columba. The Celtic culture highly revered the natural world and believed that their land was a “thin place”, a spot where the veil that exists between heaven and earth could be so thin that the Divine could be more easily experienced.  The Celts symbolized the Holy Spirit as a Wild Goose – unpredictable and free as compared to the more docile and delicate dove espoused by…